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Perrysburg Dance Academy 

156 West South Boundary

Perrysburg, Ohio  43551


What Do I Need For Class?


The following attire is required for dancers at Perrysburg Academy. Style numbers have been included to give you a large selection. You may purchase your supplies at Dancers Point on Louisiana Avenue (tell them you are from Perrysburg Academy for a discount), or at Opening Night on Executive Pkwy in Toledo. 

Girls: Leotard of choice with tights, biker shorts, or jazz pants of choice. No baggy sweatpants. Pants must be of a length so the foot can be seen.

Boys: Tee shirt (tucked in) and jazz pants.

All Classes: Hair neatly restrained, all jewelry removed (small post earrings permitted), T-shirts, baggy shorts & sweat suits removed.

Specific class requirements are as follows:

Wiggles & Giggles, Pre-ballet, Movers & Shakers:

          Pink ballet slippers    Capezio-205C/2035C Bloch-S0258G/S0225G

Dance Divas:

          Pink ballet slippers Capezio-205C/2035C Bloch-S0258G/S0225G
Black tap shoes Bloch S0302


         Pink sallet slippers   Bloch S0203L/S0208L/S0258L   Capezio 2027/205      No canvas slippers

Tap and Tap Combination class:

           You will need Camel tap shoes  Bloch S0302.

           Advanced classes may also needBlack tap oxfords  Capezio CG18; Bloch S0389L/S0301L

           Heels are not permittedin classes without teacher approval.
 If wearing Long Pants or Trousers, they must be above the ankle.

Jazz & Musical Theater:

          Camel & blackjazz oxfords    Capezio CG15/CG05/EJ2; Bloch S0401L

         Please purchase camel pair 1st, as if they need Black for recital, their foot will probably need a different size by then.
          Tan c
haracter shoes may be required for advanced class.Capezio C700

         Advanced class will need knee pads

Junior Jazz and Jazz Combination class:

        Camel jazz oxfords.   Capezio EJ2;   Bloch S0401  


       Capezio H07   Bloch S0602/S0675     Kneepads for advanced class


Hip Hop

        Jazz sneakers GIRLS:  Gotta Flurt HIDISCOG/HIDISCO (Black Sequin)    BOYS: ANY Black Jazz sneakers
         Advanced Hip Hop class will wear “Combat boots” as per instructor


         Footless or Stirrup Tights, Barefoot Please. Kneepads may be required



And lastly...Please be kind to your fellow dancers (and teachers!) and exercise good hygiene habits. Be sure that at the very least hands and faces are washed, that you wear clean socks and underwear, and use deodorant before class.


Dance Bag supplies: Dance Shoes, Band-aids & other first aid items as needed, hair care supplies (hair nets, Bobby pins, comb, brush, ponytail holders, etc), water bottle, a nutritious snack, sanitary needs, extra tights, a good book to read, emergency money, and any other items that will help you make the most of your classes!