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Perrysburg Academy of the Performing Arts
156 W. South Boundary
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

"As I look is hard to imagine my life without Perrysburg Academy or dance in general...Dance has made me blossom into the person I am today...I have learned the importance of self-confidence and how to never doubt or give up on yourself...I will keep all you have taught me for the rest of my life." Makynzie Horvath

“Miss Vicki, Thank you for all you have done for me over the past 15 years. Not only have you supported me in dance, but in everything. I really have enjoyed these past 15 years at the Academy” Diana Dixon, former student,

“Thank you so much for giving me 13 wonderful years of dancing experience! It is a huge part of my life now. I have no idea what I would do without my dancing family!” Emily Dicke, former student

We have no contracts.
Registration requires only the completion of a simple form for our records,
payment of a NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee, and the first session’s tuition (which may be pro-rated to the first of the following session if necessary).

Our "Dance School Year" follows most school districts' year, that is we start in late August and conclude classes in June. Payment for classes is generally made every 8 weeks, or you can have your credit card charged automatically for lesson fees. To avoid the possiblity of a late payment and therefore having a student sit out of class, each dancer is required to have an active Master Card, Visa, or Discover number on file. This card will be used only if: 1) a dancer's account is 10 days past due, or, 2) the family has specifically requested a fee be paid using the card on file. Automatic Credit Card Payment Services are available (by request) and strongly encouraged. You may of course pay manually, prior to scheduled due dates, using cash, check or Visa/MC/Discover.Tuition will be prorated only when a student joins a class after the "payment period" has started. If your child’s class falls on a holiday when the studio is closed, no tuition deduction or adjustment will be made. Dates are posted in the studio and calendars are available at the front desk that show when tuition is due and other important studio information.


Could I find less expensive classes somewhere else? Yes... and no. There is a difference between cost and value. You may be able to take a class cheaper at another studio or community center, but it is important to ask yourself what are you getting for your money? We have students enroll with us who have taken years of lessons from other studios, only to find out that they are behind according to our standards. At Perrysburg Academy we set the bar very high and we encourage excellence from our students and ourselves. We always offer quality dance education, organized classes and responsible instructors, which by anyone's standard is a bargain.

Class Fees for 2017-2018

Class fees are based on 7-9 weeks per pay period.
There are 5 pay periods in our dance year.
Tuition is due the weeks of August 26, October 23, January 4, February 26, and April 16

1 Class per Week.......................$98*
2 Classes per Week..................$176*
3 Classes per Week..................$240*
4 Classes per Week..................$296*
5 Classes per Week..................$330*
6 Classes per Week..................$360*
Each additional class...............$60.00*
7-8 Classes per Week/per individual student......$375.00* 

9-10 Classes per week/per student...$400*
11-12 Classes per week/per student...$425*
13-14 Classes per week/per student...$450*

*Does NOT include Elite Competition Team

Single Class Fee..................................$15 Each
Private Lessons (30 min)......................$35 Each
Semi-Private (30 min)...........................$20 Each
Redeposit charge................................$15.00
Return check charge...........................$25.00
Registration Fee (annually)..$25.00/child
50% discount for additional family members

Multiple class discounts apply only when students attend a complete 8 week period of classes

Perrysburg Academy is pleased to give a military discount to students whose parents are either active duty or military reserve.
Active Duty Discount...15% off dance tuition
Military Reserve Discount...10% off dance tuition


Make-up Lessons
All make-up classes must be taken at the same graded level or the next level lower.
No make-up classes may be taken at a higher level than the class assigned.
Any class not made up within 30 days is forfeited.

Lobby, Gym & Offices
We welcome parents to observe all of their child(ren)'s classes in our comfortable waiting room. We are proud of the classes we offer and want YOU to see how your dancer is doing! We invite you to enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or tea while observing your child's class.
 Observers MUST obtain permission before entering the studio classroom and must remain silent.
Please refrain from smoking or eating "CRAZY BREAD"  inside the studio!

Hair & Attire
Hair must be tightly secured and off neck.
All students are required to wear appropriate apparel, including leotard, tights, and PROPER FOOTWEAR.

Loose fitting clothing is NOT acceptable classroom attire.
Cover up garments should be worn to and from Perrysburg Academy and Perrysburg Gymnastics Center.

An annual recital offers students an opportunity to gain stage experience. This performance is held on the second or third Monday and Tuesday in June, depending on venue availability. Additionally, students are provided an opportunity to perform in our annual Nutcracker performance.
Recital and Nutcracker participation, while most strongly encouraged, is OPTIONAL.

Yearly awards are presented at the second to last class before the recital to those
students who COMPLETE our school year term. Dancers who do not finish the year forfeit their award.

Regular attendance is a must. Each student is important to the progress of the whole class. Interest is kept when there is progress and development. Irregular attendance slows both. Missed classes may result in lower performance standards and may therefore require a restructuring of your class schedule.

Please deliver dancers a few minutes prior to class time.
Those who repeatedly miss first exercises will be asked to reschedule.

We cannot supervise children following classes.
Unattended children will be given
an espresso and a free puppy.
Please pick up your children promptly.

Any class having less than 5 registered students may, at the Academy’s discretion, be cancelled.

In the past, teachers have been deluged with requests for purchasing school and church fundraisers.
All staff members have their own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbors, friends' children, etc
and we support their fundraisers.
We regret that we are unable to buy from EVERY student so, to be fair, we prefer to NOT buy from any.
Your understanding is appreciated.

In case of inclement weather, please call the studio or gym.
An appropriate weather-related message will have been recorded for your convenience.
Information we also be available on our Facebook page and the home page of this website.

Video cameras are allowed AND WELCOMED(!) in the classroom at any time with the permission from your child’s instructor.

Perrysburg Academy DOES NOT cancel class, unless Perrysburg or Wood County is under a LEVEL 2/3 snow emergency. During a LEVEL 1 snow emergency, cancellation will be based on current conditions and if the forecast is for continued severe weather. This website, our facebook page, and our app will have the information for you. If classes are scheduled and weather conditions are too severe in your area, please call (419-874-6773) and we will schedule a make-up lesson for you.
Perrysburg Academy follows its own schedule...not the schedule of any public school system. If school is closed due to conferences, holidays, teacher work days, etc., please check your studio calendar (always available at the front desk) to see if classes are scheduled.

Questions about dance classes?

We welcome your phone call!!


You may contact Perrysburg Academy via email (if that is more convenient) at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.