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 Miss Alisa's Team


 Many people ask, what are the requirements to be an A-Team member? Very simple...the most important ability is DEPENDABILITY! Dancers are always welcome to be a part of our team, but those who do not have exemplary 1) behavior and 2) attendance at classes, rehearsals, and performances are not invited back.  And 3) the parent is as important as the dancer. Dance Moms who gossip or are in any other ways "pot stirrers" will cause their child to be dismissed.

We do not eliminate a dancer for any other reason than the 3 listed.

Perrysburg Academy A-Team Policies

Progress and interest are kept high when dancers attend class.

Irregular attendance slows both.

   1. The “Performance Team” year runs from August to August, with summer parades and performances an important part of our year.  Dancers who do not participate in summer shows or parades will be welcomed to return to the team, but must start again as a “New Member”. Performance Team must study throughout the summer (including at least one jazz technique class,  as well as A-Team class).  
 2. Attendance is important and those who miss more than “usual” or are chronically late will be dismissed without recourse. Miss Alisa will determine what is “Usual”.  Excused absences for classes or performances are illness, death (yours or a family member), or a pre-planned event (wedding, first communion, bat mitzvah, etc).   The following are NOT EXCUSED:  Soccer or other sport (game or practice),   non-studio sanctioned performance, birthday party or dinner, out of town guests come to visit,  Slumber party, sibling’s sporting event, etc.  Attendance is kept for all classes & events and placement is determined by same.   
 3. A-Team dancers are required to take one additional dance class, in addition to A-Team class.   
 4. A-Team Members will be required to purchase Team Apparel to be worn to and from events, as well as proper costumes, shoes, accessories, etc.  There will be a team jacket that will be required for all  members. There will be strict adherence to costuming for all performances. All costuming will be the parent’s responsibility. Performance costumes are selected to be as cost-effective as possible without looking “cheap”. Accessories and dance shoes will also be required.   
 5. ALL team members must be current on all tuition and fees to be eligible to perform.  
 6. Just because a child is an A-Team member does not mean that they will be performing with the team until a certain level of proficiency is attained and routines polished and performance worthy.  Dancers must be willing to accept any role or part given to them. (Yes, Mom, this means YOUR child).  
 7. To foster good communication, emails will be sent and there will be short informative parent meetings, which will take place on designated class days.  Parents MUST attend these meetings  or have a representative.  It is the obligation of all parents to stay fully informed.   
 8. A-Team dancers are responsible for their own travel arrangements for performances.  The studio will provide location, directions, and phone numbers.  A list of names and phone numbers will be given to each Team Member to facilitate communication for carpools, etc.   
 9. Dance Teachers are not responsible as chaperones, but only as instructors.  Dancers must also have one adult chaperone responsible for them when at a convention or performance.   
 10. All team members/parents/supporters are expected to show good sportsmanship and a Christian attitude at all times.  Parents are required to support their child in their dance endeavors and to help make the team the best it can be. We will need help with decorating/maintaining the float, chaperoning, etc. Any parent walking in a parade needs to be approved by Miss Alisa and wear a Perrysburg Academy Shirt.    
11. There will be a $5.00 charge for extra rehearsals that may be needed for any performance. Also, as it is costly to maintain the float and staff members will need to be compensated for parade hours, there will be a $10.00 charge for each parade. This charge will include candy needed, repairs to the float, repair to float decorations, new equipment needed, and staff wages.  (A good deal - Most people spent more than $10.00 in years past just on candy for each parade!) This cost is based on 35 or more dancers participating in each parade.  


The A-Team  Basic Apparel and Costume List 

The following is a list of items needed as an A-Team dancer.  These will not all be needed at once, and other items may also be needed, but this a “starter list”. 

A-Team Basics    1. Studio Jacket         2. A-Team Shirt (see #11 below)        3. Studio Dance Bag 

Performance Basics:  Total = Approx. $250.00 for EVERYTHING  including 2 pr jazz shoes!  

1. Black Jazz  Pants     (Under 20.00)  
Some parents are having the dancers wear old jazz pants that are TOO small and it    looks tacky.  Be sure your dancewear for performances is polished and perfect! Save   the old stuff (especially pants that are too short) for tap class! 

2. Black & White socks   (Under 5.00)                                
Available at shoe stores at Rossford Crosswords Shopping Center 

3. Black & Tan Jazz Oxfords      Capezio #CG05/CG05C  (Under 50.00)  

4. Black dance shorts (NOT the ones with your HOO-HAH hanging out) 

5. Heavy duty ponytail holders, large & small bobby pins AND HAIR PINS                                
(Under 5.00)        Available at Drug stores 

6. Black tank style leotard   Capezio #TB142/TB142C  (Under 18.00) 

7. Suntan tights    Available at the studio   (Under 10.00) 

8. Tennis shoes    White Keds-style canvas shoes   

9. Leggings  Black leggings, ankle length and NOT see through 

10. From Dancewear Solutions:                  
       Balera Earrings 8mm Rhinestone EP8A-S   8.95  (Clip-on are 1.00 more)                  
      Balera Ultra Sparkle Scrunchie HA84 in Black 4.95                  
      Balera Ultra Sparkle Hair Bow HA90 in Gold 6.95 

11. Shirt  Shimmer Gifts in Waterville has our specially designed shirt for 28.00  
We will match accessories to these basic pieces for our shows and parades.  
Please call  if you have any questions. 419-874-6773. 

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